Mr Motivator Charitable Trust




Mr Motivator Charitable Trust supports causes close to Derrick Evan’s aka Mr Motivator’s
heart. Donations are made to the trust through events and appearances but also through a weekly live exercise class, the Wednesday Fizzical which is free and accessible to all with an optional donation to the Trust. Having experiencing homelessness for a period in the early 70’s as a young single parent following his move to London, Derrick and the Mr Motivator Charitable Trust have been supporting various homelessness charities for several years.

The donations made in 2020 were split between the following national and regional

Donations in 2021 were made to smaller, regional charities:

“The money that was so kindly donated went directly to support the costs associated with running our evening drop-in.

To give an indicator of the impact, this has had on our guests: if the amount donated was
divided up into providing our guests with a hot meal (and the all-important cake and custard for dessert!), a new set of clean underwear and socks, as well as having a fully trained member of the team spend at least half an hour giving this person one-on-one holistic support or signposting – the amount donated went on to support close to 140 people!

As I’m sure you can appreciate, that's a good number of people who have been supported through your kindness by having both their immediate physical needs as well helping go some way to having their support needs met.

We cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made.” Elle Cody, Executive
Assistant, Coffee4Craig

  • The donation from the Mr Motivator Charitable Trust provided:
    10 people with move in packs for their new longer term accommodation 


  •  25 people with mobile phones 

Funded our deliverable food parcels for a whole month 

Replenished our underwear and socks stock which has provided over 100 people with new

“Having the starter pack has made my flat feel like a home and a place I wanted to be”    –
AG 43years male

“Being given a phone has meant I can be more independent and I can now contact my sister
again, thank you! ”    – LP 48years 

“Due to the pandemic, our local council are once again providing hotel accommodation for rough sleepers in Medway, and once again we will be assisting with on-site support, which will hopefully lead to people attaining permanent, sustainable housing. For each of the people who are accommodated through this provision we will now be able to purchase a Home Starter Pack (containing new bedding, towels, kitchen ware, small electrical appliances, food parcel etc), so the money will  make a BIG difference!”

“The funding has enabled us to make a new link with another Domestic Abuse charity so we are now able to supply them with home starter packs for their clients (which often include children) 

The money from Mr Motivator came at a really crucial time – the increase in the cost of living plus the war in Ukraine have heavily impacted on our donations but are leading to an increase in our overall service provision. As a direct result of your funding we have been
able to assist several refugee families with home starter items! Our prediction is that we will be continue to see an increase in demand over the coming months, so we are incredibly grateful for your support.” Elizabeth Shaw, One Big Family Medway, Senior Lead/Trustee

The names of the testimonials have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

“In February this year we were privileged to utilise the extremely kind donation from Mr Motivator to establish the All Day Cafe here at New Beginnings Reading. The only one of its kind currently running in the area. Since we opened the doors, we have had over 700 visits
by those of the community who need somewhere safe, welcoming and free to attend and
enjoy. It is a wonderful way to promote socialising with other members of our society, and
the coming together of external partners to help best serve our guests. Which in turn has had a huge positive impact on the mental health of many who attend each week. All this has become what it is, thanks to the kindness shown by the Mr Motivator Foundation. We
simply cannot thank the Foundation enough and thoroughly look forward to working
together more in the future.”

– Louis Howard-Krelle, Centre Manager, New Beginnings Reading

“Nice to have somewhere peaceful to go. Always open when stated they will be, no need to stand around or get involved with the wrong crowd. Staff and volunteers are very inviting and welcoming.” – Ray

“A very nice meeting point for people, a great place to get on with others who might be in a similar situation to myself. Only place in my area that provides a comfortable space to relax and socialise. Being able to have a nice sit down and have a few board games or cards with people is something I enjoy.” – David 

“My feeling about the Cafe is it gets me out of the flat & to have a great time. It helps many people who wouldn't get out normally. Always have nice drinks available and help if I ever need it. The freshly made soup that is free to all is something I am very grateful for, especially on those cold days.” – Vicky